Diabetic Feet

There are many diabetes related foot and leg problems. Diabetics are prone to many foot problems either due to either nerve damage or poor circulation. Listed below are multiple foot problems that you could be at risk when diabetes are present.

Infections and ulcers that do not heal.

Due to poor circulation in the feet, cuts and blisters can easily turn into ulcerations that become infected and will not heal.  This is a serious complication of diabetes and can lead to loss of your foot, your leg, or your life. An ulceration may go as deep as the bone.

Charcot foot

This develops because of loss of sensation and undetected broken bone that leads to destruction of the soft tissue of the foot. Sometimes with neuropathy, the pain of the fracture goes unnoticed and you continue to walk on broken bones, making it worse. This complication can lead to amputation as well.

Blocked artery in the calf

Blood vessels below the knee often become narrow and restrict blood flow. A severely blocked artery may require intervention from a vascular surgeon. If you have a wound with restricted blood flow, it may not heal and you may need an amputation.


Amputation is necessary if ulcerations do not heal or if ulcerations become infected severely. Amputations may involve one or two toes, part of the foot, or part of the leg.

Ways to avoid serious diabetic foot problems

  • Inspect your feet daily
  • No bathroom surgery- No trimming corns and callouses
  • Do not ignore calf pain
  • Do not go barefoot
  • Moisturize your feet daily-but not between the toes
  • File your nails weekly 
  • Check your shoes and socks
  • Annual diabetic foot exams

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